Upload 1GB of data for Free!

  • Encrypt everything with secure PKI
  • Receive download confirmation emails
  • Recall the mail you sent at anytime
  • All files have time stamps
  • Enjoy a Super High-Speed network
  • Securely verify recipients
  • Detect if a file is intercepted
  • Email client compatible
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1TB storage for 315 yen/month!

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Secure File Transfer
Send large attachments (up to 2GB) securely. Take advantage of up to a 1TB storage capacity. In addition Zenlok™ SMTP services can send large files (up to 25MB) securely and quickly. You can also receive a decryption confirmation mail and a recall mail. The decryption mail reports to you when a recipient opens your sent mail. Also, if you send a mail by mistake, you can recall it using the recall mail.
Email Filtering
Zenlok™ Email Filtering allows fine grained filtering based on recipients, attachment file types, and domains, enhancing your compliance by preventing information leaks.
Email Encryption
Zenlok™ Email Encryption utilizes PKI security and the power and convenience of your Internet browser to bring you a simple and secure encryption experience like no other. Domestic and international patents are currently in the review process.
Email Archiving
Zenlok™ Email Archiving offers PKI encryption and a friendly interface for searching data quickly. With unlimited storage capacity, no time limit, and encrypted archives, Zenlok™ Email Archiving is the perfect solution for all your mail-storage needs.
Data Loss Prevention
Zenlok™ offers several layers of protection against data loss.
Avoid mistaken emails with Zenlok™ Email Archives + Zenlok™ Email Filtering + Zenlok™ Email Encryption. Additionally, receive decryption confirmation and recall mail alerts for each mail sent.


Zenlok Basic™


Zenlok Premium™